In a world with we us can get delivered to us. We have Amazon Prime, Grubhub and every quick delivery service. You can buy anything in an instant with your phones. We can receive everything in an instant, but we can lose everything in an instant too. We can lose our wealth, health, and even … More Gratitude

Enjoy The Moment

Clock in, clock out…. Every day seems to be the same story. You’re overworked and depressed. I feel this way every day. I have to escape the monotonous. When I’m in San Francisco. I need to be near any body of water. I put my earphone in listen to different playlist which always depend on … More Enjoy The Moment

“Your Killing Me Slowly”…. Heartbrokening Story

Everyone in their life as experience heartbroken relationship. We listen to hours of sad song after heartbreak. There’s no time limit on how long you have been in a relationship. You can love and protect to person with all your life. Then another moment act like complete strangers. I never recognized what it meant when … More “Your Killing Me Slowly”…. Heartbrokening Story

Love & Gelato Novel

Hello Everyone, How is everyone’s summer so far? I trust everyone is traveling more. I want to balance my time reading, traveling, and of coursing working. I have to pay the bills somehow. I was in the bookshop during my travels. Somebody recommend me this book called “Love & Gelato” written by Jenna Evans Welch. … More Love & Gelato Novel