What?!? It’s your first time in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is famous for its casinos, gambling, elaborately decorated hotels, the strip, a wealth of imagery, and known as the premiere entertainment destination in the world.

I got my first glimpse of Las Vegas through my window on the plane. At most spots it looked like a normal town, there were homes, business, and people doing what they had for that day. Then there were exceptions. In some spots it looks like huge hotel and casino have grown out the sandy soil like giants next to the ants. In place of the two way streets there was a six lane road-the Strip.

Anyone who really knows me knows I don’t normally drink or gamble. They’re so much more to do in Las Vegas than drink and gamble. I was lucky enough to travel with someone that’s been to Las Vegas multiple times to know the interesting locations. I travel to Las Vegas with Jesse Chan. This will be one of many posts I will do about my four day stay in Las Vegas.


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