My spectacular adventure at Hoover Dam.

The previous night we went to the Bacchanal Buffet for dinner inside the Caesars Palace. Trust me, I will write more in depend in another blog post. Don’t worry it might take me a couple days to write all down. Yes, it will make you hungry. I know what your thinking. Yes, it was worth the price. I’m going to give you small preview of the blog post: I smelled the most alluring aroma coming from the kitchen. Eyes wide open and nostrils flaring, my mouth immediately floods with salivation as I gaze at the most appetizing view. I’m such a tease. Okay, back to the main story.

I had a great night’s sleep the first night in Las Vegas. Jesse told me we were renting the car for the day. We started to walk to the car rental location. Keep in mind. Jesse didn’t tell me where we were going. We were getting the keys to the car. The women working in the car rental asked ” Where are you two going today?” Jesse paused for a bit and answered, “ We are going to Hoover Dam today.” The look on my face. I was shocked.

Here’s a small side story about myself. Last year, I was on bed rest in the ICU for my heart. I was only 28 years old. I never thought I could travel or even walk out the hospital. I realized at the moment life too short not to travel. Looking back I was planning for vacations and never took them. I’m always watching the Traveling Channel. I remember watching shows, looking at photos, and even talking about visiting the Hoover Dam. I was so excited… I want to scream for joy.

Okay… Back to that story. I told Jesse I need to go to the bathroom. The truth was… I need to time to cry. This the first time I cried on the trip. I have never been so surprised by anyone. It was beautiful in Las Vegas. Keep mind back in San Francisco we were experiencing storms. It was refreshing to see the sun and feeling the heat on your skin.

We finally reach our destination at Hoover Dam. When we step out of the car we felt the strong gust of wind hit our faces. We were both shocked how massive the Hoover Dam was. We saw images and video of the Hoover Dam but never imagine it could be that big. We walk down the pathway and periodically stop to read the signs. We were walking on historic landmark. It was a beautiful sunny day and the gust of wind through my hair. It was a perfect day to go.

I noticed we passed the Arizona Time Zone than the Nevada Time Zone. The first thing that pops in my head was my favorite quote. “I want to be in two places at the same time.”-Jamie Sullivan. I recently re-watch the movie “A Walk To Remember”, and one moment Jamie Sullivan says that she “wants to be at two places at the same time”. I didn’t get it at first when I first watch the movie. Although Landon brings her to a state border, so if she stands in the middle of the border, “she is in two places at the same time”, but I’m not sure if this is what Jamie meant at the beginning. This was always my favorite quote of the movie. I couldn’t believe I experience.

Overall, I had an amazing time at Hoover Dam. The amazing history, it took to build this massive structure. The men and boys that died created the Hoover Dam to be accurate “112 Men died during The Hoover Dam Project. The first was on Dec. 20, 1922. His name was J.G Tierney. The last was on Dec. 20, 1935. 13 years to the day, Patrick Tierney died. He was J.G’s son.” This quote came from one of the signs at the Hoover Dam. We got back to the car and started to drive to Arizona. This, ladies and gentleman bring us to the story and another blog post. My unbelievable time at Grand Canyon.




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