Snack time: Making homemade potato chip

I have been so busy with my new job. I haven’t created any new dishes. I was looking around my kitchen to see what I got left over. I was always trying to use up the last of the ingredients before buying new groceries for the week. I didn’t want anything big to eat. I only want a snack. Then I saw we had potatoes. The first thing that pop in my head. “Potato chip!”

I started to wash the potatoes. They got the sharpest knife in the kitchen and proceeded to slice thin slices. Then I put corn oil in deep pan and waited for the bubble. I took the thin slice of potato to test the temperature of the oil without a thermometer. When the oil was at the temperature I desired. I continue to with cooking the chips until golden brown. I got rid of the extra oil. It was nice and crispy.

It was nice little snack. Remember to get inspired and cook. You don’t need to buy new ingredients. Have fun and be creative. I hope you like my cooking tips. Stay tune for more. I hope everyone has a nice day.

Love always,





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