Why is it so important to visit the temple during Lunar New Year?

It has been a long-lasted custom of the Vietnamese- American family in this country each time a New Year arrives to visit pagoda or the Temple. This custom is described as “Lễ Chùa” – in which “lễ” means not only visiting, but also showing respect in all sincerity to Buddha and other Gods of the pagodas or temples.

It’s the first day of the Lunar New Year. My family and I travel down to San Jose to Di Lac Temple. You can honesty smell the aroma of burning incense and flowers and enjoying the relaxing glimpse in the garden of the temple. It helps to demolish all the stresses and worries of the previous year.

My family and I also waited in line for our fortune given by the head monk. This is another interesting activity a lot of Vietnamese- American family often does while visiting temples are lots drawing. Those lots have a short paragraph to forecast about ones’ fortune in the New Year. Although this activity is kind of superstitious, people still enjoy it because whether it says good or bad ones can still interpret positively.

For example, if good fortune is forecasted, people would be much happier to welcome the New Year while the unlucky ones would be more careful in every act, thanks to this, they would even more successful rather than bad luck. I took pictures of this as well.

Together with the festive atmosphere Tet brings to Vietnam every year, the event also the best time of the year for Vietnamese to spend time in their spiritual life and pay respect to religious institutions. Visiting pagodas on the first days of the year has long been a deep-rooted tradition.



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