We are 550 feet in the air. Don’t look down!!!

“Don’t look down!!” I told myself. My heart felt like it was racing 100mph. I was 550 feet in the air because of the High Roller Wheel in Las Vegas. My fear of heights was really holding me back in life. I would dread going to amusement parks, because it would mean going on the roller coaster, which seemed to reach the heavens. I never went on the roller coaster so I felt out of place every time I went. I hated it when people told me how much fun it was, but I had to miss out because I was afraid. Also, I couldn’t even walk over an overpass unless someone was with me.

My fear seemed to be controlling my life. Therefore, I decided to make a change for the better; I was going to face my fears. So that is exactly what I did. Instead of avoiding the amusement park, I brought Jesse with me to the Adventure Dome Theme park in Las Vegas. I rode the biggest roller coaster in that park. It gave me a sense of power to do something I was afraid to do.

I can’t believe it’s almost a month since I said that. I conquered my biggest fear heights. My experience at the High Roller Wheel and High Roller Wheel and The Adventure Dome Theme Park gave me confidence. I felt proud of myself.


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