Walking on the Golden Gate Bridge a day after I got released from ICU.

I remember like it was just yesterday. It was literally a day after I got released from the ICU because of my heart. I was bedridden for one week and didn’t move much out of my bed. I thought to myself “If I got out of here I would walk the Golden Gate Bridge”. That’s exactly what I did. I will explain more of my thoughts that ran through my mind during that time.

In all honesty… I thought I was going to die in the hospital bed. Every hour I had my blood-draw for test. Nurse checking in every 30 minutes. My cardiologist would check on me every hour. I had an IV in both arms and a wires running all over my body. I was only 28 year old.

I worked in San Francisco for over five years and never walk on the Golden Gate Bridge.ย  I didn’t even travel around. I mostly work and went home to sleep. I was so busy making money. I wasn’t even living my life to the fullest.ย  One day I asked the nurse for pen and paper. I started to write down the things I wanted to do after I left the hospital.

Four days later, my doctor releases me from the ICU. I put the list of things I wanted to travel in my purse too. I went home and slept in my own bed. It felt amazing to be home. I woke up the next morning. I did my morning routine. I got small backpack and place water, snacks, wallet, and my medicine. I did a little prayer before leaving the house.

I got off Embarcadero Bart Station (train). I didn’t know where to go next. I got my phone out and did my research. I took a Muni (Bus) to the Golden Gate Bridge. It took an hour to get there. It was extremely cloudy when I got in there. I told myself to take my time and go slow. I finally reach the beginning of the bridge. I was getting scared when I look down. I couldn’t believe how high it was from the water. If you didn’t know. My biggest fear is height.

I simply took a big breath and start to walk. The view was amazing from the bridge. The winds were getting stronger. It was getting colder by the minutes. When I finally made to the half way point and I took a picture. I couldn’t believe I actually made it. After the half way point. It started to get sunny and warm.

I thought the view was beautiful before. I was completely mistaken. The beautiful sunny day made me more determine to finish walk the bridge. I took a small break to refuel. I was determined and ready to start again. It took another hour but I finished. I made to the other side of the bridge. That’s right, I made it to Vista Point. This experience helped me gain insight on myself.


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