My incredible dinner at Cioppino’s

I was traveling around Fisherman Whaft and want something different to eat. Everywhere was packed with people. Cippino’s caught my eye. I walk over and went in. The second I went I had amazing service. The hostess walk us to our table. The waiter was amazing and knowable about the menu. There were so many options I didn’t know what to choose. My waiter was so patient and kind. He went over the menu in detail and even gave me his favorite dishes. I choose the following as my dinner.

Fresh Mussels had garlic cream- sauteed with garlic, fresh thyme and bay leaves in a light cream sauce. Seafood Fettucine had Mahi mahi, salmon, swordfish, clams, and mussels, green onions and chopped celery in a slightly spicy tomato cream sauce. Rustic Apple Tart was this special treat is served a la mode and made with sweet and tangy apples fresh from the orchard. Wrapped in a handcrafted sixfold flaky crust and topped with a dash of cinnamon and light sugar glaze.

The food was incredible. I had to say one of my favorite Italian restaurants so far. You have to try the Rustic Apple Tart. Oh my….. Goodness. The best apple tart ever. The crust was flaky and it wasn’t over sweet. Just perfected.

I don’t normally make a yelp review because this place was amazing. I wrote the following.:

“My first time at Cippino’s. The food and the service were absolutely amazing. I will definitely be coming back. I had the Fresh Mussels, Seafood Fettucine, and Rustic Apple Tart. This is a great place to bring dates, family, or even friends. I really highly suggest this location if you’re down in Fisherman Wharf. “

Don’t forget to check it out. Here the address:

Address: 400 Jefferson St, San Francisco, CA 94109
Here the online menu:



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