You have to eat Aebleskiver Alamode when your traveling to Solvang, California

I remember watching the travel channel and video on Facebook about the town of Solvang, California. I was doing a road trip with my best friend and we decide to stop here. Once we got out of the car it felt like we were transported to Denmark. All the local business and house were inspired by famous architecture in Denmark.

We were walking around town we saw a long line and we asked why everyone was waiting for. Someone response “Aebleskiver Alamode”. I wasn’t sure what that was. They further explain it like round pancake with raspberry jam. My best friend and I look at each other and decide to wait in line. The line was surprising, moving really fast. I was really hot and really tasty.

We decided to walk around the city more. My best friends saw a local chocolate shop. Just for your information. She loves chocolate. We were in the store for a good 30 minutes. I didn’t mind. The chocolate was really beautiful. I would of taken more pictures, but my camera died mid -way.

When we finally got out of the chocolate shop we saw two beautiful horses. I borrow my friend phone and took a picture. The two horses were pulling a lot of tourists. I couldn’t stop looking at the horse. They both remind me of Disney characters.




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