This sushi is on fire!!!!

The sushi dish called the Gambler was placed on the table by the waitress. The whole restaurant stops to watch the fire coming off the dishes. The neighboring tables were mesmerized by the fire. Everyone keeps asking “Which one did you pick?” It was the first time getting Gambler at Sakesan Bistro.

Sakesan Bistro in located in San Francisco. My little sister wants to have Japanese dinner, but mostly sushi. We like going to the Sakesan Bistro for the great customer service and the good food.

We order the following dishes to split:

Sukiyaki: Thinly sliced beef with vegetables.

 Gambler Roll : Spicy white tuna topped with salmon and pineapple with spicy mayo and house special spicy sauce.

Spider Roll: Fried soft shell crab with avocado, cucumber and tobiko.


If you want to try this location for yourself.

Sakesan Bistro

626 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94118

b/t 7th Ave & 8th Ave
Inner Richmond

Phone number:
(415) 800-2082



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