Late Night Dinner at D & N Cafe in San Francisco

After watching amazing Giants and As baseball game. It was already 10:30 pm. We were hunger and I didn’t expect any restaurants to be open. I was asked ” Are you hungering?” I answer ” Yes.” He answered ” Good, It’s happy hour!” I was confused. We finally made it at D & A cafe. We were given three menus. I couldn’t believe the menu stated “Happy Hour Special 10:30pm -closing”.

Jesse got a little of everything which means “family style”. He has also ordered this pink drink. I didn’t know what it was because he order everything in Cantonese. I was pleasantly surprised it was watermelon juice. It was really refreshing. The fish was my favorite of all the dishes.

We got the following:

2 cups of watermelon juices

1 bowl of Seaweed soup (Chinese style)

1  order of BBQ pork Cheung Fun  3.45

1 order of Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings $5.25

1 order of Honey Walnut $5.25

1 order of Seafood Cho Fun

1 order of Fried Fish

1 order of Steam Rice


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