Hello Kitty Cafe at 50th Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival & Snack Haul

April 9, 2017

I have been working nonstop for the past few weeks without any break or having fun. I decided to change that.  I started my adventure at North Beach in San Francisco. I grab my first coffee of the day at Starbucks. They I travel to the Ferry Building. Jesse made eggplant lasagna for lunch before I head off to Japantown for the 50th Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival.Thank you of getting me a Uber ride too Jesse Chan. I made it on time. Jesse was sweet enough to get me over driver to drive me there. I would personally use Muni. I got there faster.

When I finally got there I ran to the Hello Kitty Cafe. I got to take pictures of the Hello Kitty Cafe. I was really surprised to know it was Mercedes Benz Van. Unfortunately, I was too late everything I wanted was sold out. I went to local market bought Ramune soda with Hello Kitty image. I also bought three packets of Pocky there was a promotion going on if you bought three you received inflatable pocky stick or Pocky backpack. I got the backpack.

My obsession with green tea products were real. I got “Match Love” sweet tea and of course the green tea Pocky. I ran into my old friends at the event too.  I had long conversations with Emily and Michelle. Good times with great people. I ended the day with yummy snacks , great memories , and walked over 11,210 steps.



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