Bernal Heights Park in San Francisco

It’s a beautiful day for a mini hike on Bernal Height.  It started like any normal hike, but unfortunately my body said otherwise. I will explain later. It was my first time going to Bernal Heights Park.  You can literally see all of San Francisco on the top. The view gets better and better the higher you get.  It’s been a year anniversary of walking the Golden Gate Bridge after my long stay at the ICU. I decide it was time for another challenge for myself.  You only live once.

I didn’t want to overwork my heart. I took my time. If you are keeping up with my blogs. It’s not secret I have a bad heart. I still want to do. You only live once. I had no regret. I took my time to walk up the hillside. I took pictures along the ways.

I almost made it to the top. I felt something wasn’t right.  I didn’t think anything much of it. I could until my vision went black.  I stop and waited until my vision come back it did, but I lost my balance and fell to the ground.  I try to get up and fell again. The world seems like it was spinning and I got really dizzy. I thought it was my heart at first. Later I knew it was symptoms of Vertigo.  r

Symptoms of Vertigo

Vertigo is often triggered by a change in the position of your head.

People with vertigo typically describe it as feeling like they are:

  • Spinning
  • Tilting
  • Swaying
  • Unbalanced
  • Pulled to one direction

Other symptoms that may accompany vertigo include:

  • Feeling nauseated
  • Vomiting
  • Abnormal or jerking eye movements (nystagmus)
  • Headache
  • Sweating
  • Ringing in the ears or hearing loss

Symptoms can last a few minutes to a few hours or more and may come and go.


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